Scientific program of the conference includes:



 membrane and sorption processes:

- baromembrane processes;

electromembrane processes;

- membrane gas separation; 

- membrane distillation and pervaporation; 

- novel and non-traditional membrane processes; 

- sorption processes and sorption from liquids and gases; 

- sorption with nanodispersed materials;

- sorption processes in catalysis

- biosorption;

- hybrid membrane-sorption processes and technologies; 

nanotechnologies in membrane and sorption processes andmaterials;

- fuel cells and batteries;

- membrane contactors;

- membrane reactors


membrane and sorption processes applications:

- membrane and sorption materials for medical application;

- membrane materials for alternative energy sources;

- membrane technology in food industry;

- membrane bioreactors;

- nanomaterials of biomedical application;

- heterogeneous catalysis;

- wastewater treatment and water purification


membrane andsorbent formation and modification:

- polymeric and inorganic membranes: formation, structure, properties;

sorbents: preparation, structure, properties; 

- nanocomposite membranes and sorbents;

- tissue engineering;

- functional nanomaterials and polymers;

- catalytic membrane and sorptionsystems;

- hydrogel membranes;

- supramolecular systems